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About me

I'm Joe... welcome to my personal website

This is my personal blogging website, built using Tailwind & NextJS in order to host any blog articles I write, or to try out new development projects and concepts I may be working on

👋🏼 First a little about myself: I'm a web developer who has been building websites for the last 20 years, so I got to experience building websites using some really old technologies that would make any junior developer wince at the thought of it. Take for instance these old methods:

  • Using Classic ASP to host server pages 🤢
  • Building Websites using 99% <table></table> elements (no joke!) 🤢
  • Use of inline styling on all elements was the norm! 🤢
  • Building entire websites without using frameworks! 🤢

Thankfully, the web has come along way since then, and there are now countless new technologies out there to make our lives as developers easier as well as producing cleaner, more efficient and above all, friendlier code.

In the far distant days of being a Classic ASP developer building website with tables, I also transitioned from being a LAMP stack developer for a good 15 years, and now with my recent transition after 20 years I can jow proudly say I am a developer who is now skilled in the following areas:

  • I now build 95% of my front end code using React/NextJS
  • A big fan of free to use services such as vercel.com, contentful.com, imagekit.io
  • I use AWS & Firebase to either host or manage my authentication and backend systems
  • Huge fan of optimization of assets and delivering through CloudFront/CloudFlare where possible

What you'll find on this website

To be fair I'm not a huge blogger, so for now this website will be fairly bleak of content, however I am trying to make a more concerted effort to start to try and write more content over the next year or so.

If you do find any of the articles interesting, or you'd like to contribute to any of my open source projects I write then please feel free to contact me using the contact page