Password Splitter tool

WARNING!!! - this page is intended to be used for demonstration purposes only. Even though you can take my word I am not syphoning off passwords anywhere, you really shouldn't unless you know me (and even then I'd still be a bit suspicious!).

Instead I'd recommend you download the code yourself and run it locally.

What's is for? - This tool is a simple demonstration to help you split up your passwords into two halves. Lets say you wanted to send some access keys, secrets to someone, then sending them as whole strings could be risky. Splitting them up like this reduces the risk slightly as it's harder to guess the whole password if you only have half of it.

Add in the strings you want to split, along with the label name, and hit the red and blue buttons below to generate the 2 separate lists.

WebsiteEnter PasswordOdd/EvenSplit 1Split 2🗑