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Amazing A.I. Tools

A list of amazing Artificial Intelligence tools you can start using right now on your phone or web browser.

Amazing A.I. Tools

Amazing A.I. Tools you can use today

First off on the list is the website that allows you to create your own super high quality text to speech videos but also with a super realistic AI character speaking them out. Check out the video below for one that I made for this webpage:

This tool at is absolutely fantastic for recording a meeting and then letting their AI transcribe what was said into easily readable meeting note. It tries to distinguish between each speaker as well, so you end up with a conversation looking something like this:

  • Person 1: "Ok, lets begin the meeting, Bruce can you introduce us all?"
  • Person 2: "Yes thanks Tony, I'd like to welcome in to this meeting Steve, Natasha and Peter"
  • Person 3: "Hi Everyone"
  • Person 4: "Good morning! Nice to see you all again"
  • Person 1: "Great, thanks everyone, ok starting with topic 1 we are discussing the origin of the stones"

You can then go through and fine tune the names of the Persons and edit any inconsistences or incorrect words/phrases it finds and fix them manually. I've used this tool before to take down meeting notes, and it's super handy!

This website uses AI to create you unique music tracks to use in your sites/videos/games etc - and the paid version allows you to own the copy right to the downloaded track so you can happily use it in your videos with full monetization enabled! Very Very cool indeed.

Visit and create a free account, you can then start typing out a description and let the AI do the rest and start making your ANIME photos for you! Very cool indeed!

Want to feel like you're Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing, then try out - upload a photo and get back really surreal looking images!

Me as a DeepDream AI Image

This is a fantastic website to help you easily restore old photos and colorize them take a look at - below is an actual photo of my Grandma taken sometime around 1930-1940 - I used to restore the photo and bring out the colors.

My Grandma restored using AI

This is is super fun - go ask your kids, or niece/nephew for a hand drawing (or just draw something yourself on a piece of paper), then use this awesome website to bring it to life and animate it back to them! They'll love you for it!

I found this drawing on the fridge of my friends house I'm currently staying at,! I ran it through and hey presto here's the result! Very neat indeed!

Drawing by Peggy Waites, aged 9

At these guys have created a bit of AI powered branding and logo generator, plug in some keywords and checkout the results, maybe you find your next cool logo here!

This is funny - let the AI turn your awful drawings into as real objects as it possibly can, to be fair it does a good job of my pathetically bad drawings! pixsrv - removes the background from a photo, pretty great results each time I've tested it to be fair!

For any of you lazy people out there, this AI tool is great, it lets you copy a chunk of text or a URL and it will try and summarize what it find into an easily digestible couple of paragraphs. Wish I had this when I was at school!

Want to create randomly generated faces completely from AI? Then try out - each face generated is made from AI and that person does not exist! Scary stuff!

All of the cats you see on this page are AI generated - if you look hard some are pretty obvious as they have weird glitches, but some are just simply amazing!